Parish Nurse Ministry



Who We Are

The St. Thomas Parish Nurses are registered nurses who serve within the parish to keep spirituality central to their practice. They empower individuals and groups with resources that promote harmony of the mind, body, and spirit.
        ¨ Health Educator
        ¨ Health Counselor
        ¨ Referral Agent
        ¨ Trainer of Volunteers
        ¨ Developer of Support Groups
        ¨ Heath Advocate and Liaison with Community Resources
        ¨ Integration of Faith and Health

Who We Are Not

Due to liability issues, St. Thomas Parish Nurses do not provide home health care services.
St. Thomas parish nurses do not compete with other health care services within our community.

What We Do

St. Thomas Parish Nurses develop their ministry by responding to the particular needs of the congregation.

You can expect your nurses to:

        ¨ Assess the spiritual, physical, and mental needs of parish members.
        ¨ Counsel individuals on health care issues such as high blood pressure, weight control, heart disease,              cancer, grief, and care giving.
        ¨ Utilize appropriate caring methods for good health, including prayer, meditation, healing services,                 support groups and connection  with the sacraments.
        ¨ Offer health screenings,  blood  pressure checks, provide  current health information             
            and health education.
        ¨ Visit members in their homes, hospitals, or nursing homes.
        ¨ Value privacy and protect your confidentiality.
        ¨ Refer to appropriate community health resources.






To work with the
parish community
to extend the
healing power of Jesus.
Our desire is to
promote health and
wellness of
mind, body, and spirit
through prayer, counsel,
education, referral,
and service to
our parish family.



St. Thomas the Apostle
Parish Nurse Ministry

To use our service or ask about
joining our ministry, email:

Barbara Neely RN
Diane Rutherford, RN
Anne Shahrabani, RN