St Thomas Mission House Project

St. Thomas Mission House Remodel 


The breezeway has been dismantled to make room for the covered walkway between the two buildings (#1). The two grottos that are on the west end of the Mission House have been placed under protective coverings during construction and the crew has taken great care to preserve them. You can see they’ve been encased in plywood, but this shows how carefully they were prepared for “storage” (#2).

One of the most notable changes inside that allowed us to “see the vision” was the demolition of the walls from the west end of the dining room through to the kitchen (#3). The opening you see toward the back is a ‘pass through’ created between the dining room and kitchen area. The last photo (#4) is the view down the hall from the west entrance where the restrooms are located through to Fr. Mariusz’s office. Three double door entrances to the new space on the left were constructed, and with the closet at the end of the hall removed you can see how much brighter it is with nothing obstructing the light from the north facing windows.

Demolition began July 23rd as equipment was brought onsite and the inside being opened up!

Looking through to the greeting window from the far west wall of the building through the rooms that were occupied by the parish nurses and office staff.

The view from the west entrance to the dining room all the way through to the back kitchen door.
Fr. Mariusz is standing where the dining room table used to be!

Remember the closet at the end of the hall near the pastor's office??

Ninety year old frame, lathe and plaster.


Architects’ Report: The blueprints for the renovation are in the final stages, and about mid-February we will apply to the city for the building permit. Plans will go out for bid early to mid-March. Construction is expected to begin after April 1st.

Building Report: Plans are being developed for re-locating the parish offices to the parish center around mid-March. The Mission House should be completely vacated, including storage and removal of most, if not all items by April 1st. In the meantime, we will be going though each room to determine what stays, and what gets packed up to move or be stored. Once this is determined, the plan is to move operations in one day.

Improvements include....

     Elevator to allow access to the entire building, including handicap accessibility

     Second stairway tower (enclosed fire exit, basement to third floor),                                                       northeast end of the building 

     Enclosed connector between church and mission house

     ADA compliant restrooms on the 1st & 2nd floors

     Dining room large enough to seat 45-60 comfortably, and a kitchen
     capable of serving as many.

     Reconfigure secretary's office space, minor changes made to pastor's office area.

     Multipurpose room that could be configured and reconfigured to show videos,
     have bible studies or other small groups for up to 40, social activities, game nights,
     large family consultations.

     Update second floor rooms, three to remain as bedrooms, one to be occupied by the
     Parish Nurse Ministry, one will be used for office equipment/storage

     Insulate third floor 

     Update AC/heating, Internet, audio/video, security, etc., throughout.

     Update plumbing, electrical, asbestos abatement.

Revised Budget Estimate

Phase Two of Mission House Legacy Moves Forward Project

The first phase of our Mission House Legacy Moves Forward Fundraising Campaign began on December 16, 2016.  The goal was to raise $770,000 of the $1.1M cost of the project, a requirement outlined by the Diocese of Boise, in order to break ground for the project. Our heartfelt thank you is extended to our extremely generous Parish Members for helping us to raise the $770,000 amount needed to reach our initial goal.

Monte Miller, AIA, Miller Stauffer Architects is coordinating the renovation project in conjunction with  Father Mariusz, and will meet with three different contractors to discuss the project. Current plans are to break ground in the spring.  Updates will follow as they become available.

This is an exciting time in our parish as we update the Mission House to meet the needs of our growing community. We ask for your continued prayers as we move forward on this journey together.